My philosophy as a teacher is to instill the importance of a solid foundation in technique and artistry to all of my students, regardless of age and ability level. I believe by learning the basic tools and various methods of playing, any student can thrive as a musician at the highest levels of artistry.

The core of my focus as a teacher is to develop individualized methods of teaching for each student. Every person has their own specific way of learning and unique personality. I believe it is my duty to learn how to teach someone as much as it is the students’ duty to learn how to play. Habits of controlled tone production, rhythmic precision, accurate intonation, sensitivity, and expression are the basic building blocks of my philosophy.

As a teacher, I have Suzuki training and I have had the opportunity to teach students in many setting, ages, and backgrounds. I have served on faculty positions at many schools, public and private, and worked with many types of chamber and orchestral ensembles.